"M!Countdown Halo-Indonesia" which is scheduled to be held in Jakarta on July 3 has been cancelled. It was announced on June 28. The emergency cancellation of the special event is because of the bad weather and other local conditions.

It is supposed to be the first time for the Kpop fans in Indonesia to see a packed-stage of kpop idols but for everyone's safety, it was cancelled 5 days prior to the event. Artists who are supposed to attend are  Shinwha, 2NE1, 2PM, B2ST, MBLAQ, Sistar, Secret, Afterschool, B1A4, TeenTop, 4MINUTE, Roy Kim, and others.

However, don't worry! There are many opportunities to come.

After concluding their promotions for "Want U Back", the hot and talented boys of 100% released a special MV for their track "Only U" , that is included on their "Real 100%"  album, as a present for their fans and also to express their gratitude.

The MV is a compilation of the boys' unforgettable moments and interactions with their fans, behind the scenes clips of their events and many more.

Watch below:

Source: Top100percent@YT

After School's Raina and KaEun snapped cute selcas together. On June 29, Raina uploaded selcas with cute KaEun behind her. She wrote on her twitter account,

"I came to record for Music Core! I ate the meal that you've sent us~thank you! ^^"

In the photo, Raina was holding a cup of food support and vitamin water while KaEun was making cute poses behind.

Source: Raina's twitter
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